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Accepting mobile payments internationally can be a very difficult task, registering international entities, applying for multiple mobile money accounts and bank accounts can take months. Not with Wallettec, Wallettec can have you up and running in days.

Customer Initiated Payments

With this product, the customer initiates the payment via USSD or Mobile APP with the Mobile Money Provider. This is the standard method of making payment.

The merchant will get a unique transaction code for each transaction which is used by the customer as payment reference.

No customer information is required by the merchant to initiate this payment process.

The user experience is the same as per any other mobile money transaction and is determined by the mobile money provider.

Mobile Pull Payments

Mobile Pull Payment is where the Mobile Money Operator does a PUSH notification to the customer requesting him to accept an outgoing payment to a merchant.
Although this isn’t the standard way of making a payment, it is faster and less prone to human errors.

For this process, the merchant is required to capture the customer’s mobile number to initiate a payment.

The user will receive a USSD notification of the transaction to be authorized.

If the user’s phone is not USSD compatible an SMS message with instructions will be sent to the user.

Make any payment directly from your bank account bypassing all card rails from any platform without ever sharing any information.

Instant Payment

To initiate this process NO customer information is required by the merchant.

The merchant will present the customer with a unique transaction reference for this transaction.

The customer will make use of his bank’s USSD channel or Banking App to complete the payment.

The merchant does NOT need to share any payment or banking information with the customer to complete the payment.

The customer does not need to log into his online banking, the customer does not even need an online banking profile.


All you need to make a payment into a customer's mobile money account is the customer's mobile number.

Payments will happen instantly

The customer will receive notification of payment via SMS or USSD

No personal or payment information needs to be shared between the customer and merchant, all thats needed is the receiver's mobile number.

Mobile Money Interoperability

Pay anybody using any mobile money provider no matter on which network they are.
It’s always been a problem to pay a friend or family member on a different mobile money network or in a different country.
Working with key partners in Africa Wallettec solved this problem.