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One integration to Wallettec enables merchants to do business across Africa from wherever they may be in the world.
Single integration gives you access to more then 6 countries throughout Africa.

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Wallettec's technology can be found in the following industries across Africa

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Financial Inclusion

Working with leading Financial Service providers in Africa, Wallettec not only claims to provide financial inclusion to its customers but really delivers. All merchants using a Wallettec enabled mPOS device gets free Funeral Cover and/or Income Protection.

This offering is being rolled out all over Africa in conjunction with multiple mobile point of sale providers.



Together with partners like VIGO we are giving African entrepreneurs the ability to mobilize their businesses. Giving African entrepreneurs the ability to sell their goods via mCommerce and/or eCommerce and accept payment via mobile money providers like Airtel and M-Pesa.

Wallettec has developed plugins for Woocommerce (more to follow) to enable any and all developers to easily intergate Wallettec into their commerce platforms.



Working with transportation companies in Africa Wallettec is enabling commuters to buy their tickets using mobile money. By enabling customers to purchase their tickets via mobile or website using mobile money transportation companies are boosting their sales and giving their clients a better more convenient experience.



Working with leading Point of Sale providers over Africa Wallettec is giving merchants the ability to accept payment from mayor mobile money providers. Helping a new generation of commerce entrepreneurs to give customer more payment options. Helping them to empower people to transaction / participate in e-commerce or m-commerce.

Payment system integration gives financial companies access to information regarding the shopping hobbits of their customers they previously could not get. With Wallettec financial companies now know what the customer bought and not only where and how much. Wallettec can give the financial companies an itemised list of what the customer bought.


Social Grants

Working with companies in Namibia Wallettec is providing the people on social grant with the ability to spend their money at any mayor retailer. At the same time giving the Namibian Social Welfare the ability to monitor people spending habits.



Working with companies in Africa Wallettec is forming a critical part of delivering a remittance system between Africa and the rest of the world.

For years now people have been paying exorbitant fees to send money home. With Wallettec people will be able to send money to and from Africa at a fraction of the cost. Enabling people to send or receive money directly from their mobile money accounts into the receiver's bank account.