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True Mobile Payments

Intelligent APIs enabling true mobile payments thats not only a fancy way to swipe your credit card.

Global footprint

Empowering entrepreneurs all over the world giving them access to new revenue streams and financial services.

Most secure payment ever

No need to spend thousands on PCI certification, with Wallettec no personal or payment information will ever be transmitted making this the most secure payment method around.

Operate internationally

Providing financial services to customers in more than 26 African countries without the hassle of opening foreign accounts or going through months of legal issues.

Wallettec is for everyone who pays or gets paid.

Secure Instant Payments from ANYWHERE


Join more than 30 000 merchants around Africa processing payments via Wallettec.

Financial Institutions

Use Wallettec to provide your customers with a true mobile payment experience.

Partners and developers

Work with Wallettec to offer your customers world class payment solutions.


Unbanked or not sufficiently banked in Africa

Mobile Money Users

Of the adult population of Tanzania, Zimbabwe, Ghana, Uganda and Gabon uses mobile money on an active bases.

Women users

In low- and middle-income countries, women are less likely than men to have a mobile money account

One simple API Integration to rule them all

With Wallettec's API you can either expand your commerce business, add multiple payment options to your mobile app or even pay your employees all from a single integration across multiple countries.

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