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true mobile payments

Who we are?

Discover our History

For the first time in Africa, it is possible for businesses to process mobile money transactions at any Point of Sale directly into their own bank accounts

True Mobile Payments

Mobile Payment capability WITHOUT owning any credit or debit card. Receive payment via Mobile Money without having a Mobile Money account.

Securest payment ever

No personal or payment information will ever be transmitted. The merchant will never know what payment method the customer used.

Global footprint

Empowering entrepreneurs all over Africa giving them access to new revenue streams and financial services.


Our History

Wallettec is a Cape Town based technology company that focuses on mobile payment solutions and mobile payment integration. Wallettec's PaaS (Payment as a Service) platform enables a retailer to accept any type of mobile transaction or currency type at their Point Of Sale. Through a single integration, retailers can enable consumers to transact at their Point Of Sale using only their mobile phones. No credit or debit cards required, no 3rd party apps. All you need is your mobile device and a bank account. Wallettec turns mobile payments into a real solution and not only a fancy way to swipe your credit or debit card. With our solution all you need is your bank account and mobile device.

Wallettec was founded in 2013 and is currently operating in more than 7 countries all over Africa, integrated into more than 20 African banks.

Vision & Mission

Wallettec's vision is to turn mobile payments into a real product and NOT only a fancy way to swipe your credit or debit card.

At Wallettec we want to provide merchants with a more convenient way to accept payments from any platform bypassing the traditional credit or debit card payment rails.









" The entire African mobile money market is set to grow from $2.73 Billion in 2015 to $14.27 Billion by 2020 "


The Challenge

Helping M-Commerce and E-Commerce entrepreneurs give customers more payment options.

Providing a true mobile payment option thats not only accessible to the whole population but can be used anywhere at any time

Poor people across Africa do not have a way to pay for needed products and services.
Entrepreneurs are paying exorbitant fees due to high card processing fees and settlement fees
Entrepreneurs are failing because they cannot receive payment for goods and services they are providing.
New payment methods suited for poor people like wallet and airtime are not achieving their potential.

" South African-issued credit card fraud increased by 23% in 2014, from R366.8 million in 2013 to R453.9 million "

Isn't it time to start investing in alternative payment methods?

Our Vision

Turn mobile payments into a real product and NOT only a fancy way to swipe your credit or debit card.

All available mobile payment solutions require a linked debit or credit card which means a huge portion of the population is excluded. Wallettec provides the technology to change this and give everybody access to modern payment solutions.


The Consumer

Customers can now pay using their mobile money or bank account. No personal or payment information will ever be shared with the merchant eliminating payment fraud.


The Merchant

Merchants get access to multiple payment options via a single integration. No need to have multiple mobile money accounts, accept payment from ANY mobile currency straight into your bank account.


The Mobile Money Provider

Provide their customers with a true mobile payment solution. No need to signup merchants, any merchant can accept any digital currency turning mobile payments into a real payment option.



Retain their customers and dont loose them to 3rd party payment options. Ability to collect transaction information previously not provided by the card companies. Have full control over the reconciliation process.

Financial Institutions working with Wallettec

Credit Bank Stanbic Bank Fidelity Bank BIAC UBA Ecobank FirstBank Standard Chartered Bank Union Bank NG Wemabank Orient Bank Diamond Bank zenith Unity Bankng Union Bank Skye Bank

Banks can now collect more detailed information regarding transactions previously unknown to them.
Know exactly whats in the basket not only the total amount spend.

What we do?

Wallettec is used and trusted by the following industries all over Africa


Financial Inclusion








Social Grant



Imagine being able to pay using your bank account and only your bank account, shopping online without providing any personal or payment information to the merchant.

Wallettec is making that a reality.

Want to get involved?

Are you a financial service provider who wants to add your product to Wallettec?

Please contact us and lets evaluate your product and APIs. Once evaluated Wallettec will integrate your API at no additional cost. Why not get in touch with our team for a no obligation consultation.

1. Get in touch
Get in touch with us and take our product specialist through your business use-case before sending us your custom API documentation for review and scoping.
2. Implementation.
Our team will get started on integrating your API's and setting up your products or services on the Wallettec system.
3. Testing
Once all the integration has been done and setup completed we will start the integration testing to ensure all quality standards are met.
4. Launch.
Testing completed you are ready to be rolled out onto the live system and start processing transactions via Wallettec.

Adding Wallettec to your existing systems are quick and easy.

Wallettec will provide you with all the APIs or plugins needed to complete the integrate at no cost. Why not get in touch with our team for a no obligation consultation.

1. Get in touch
Get in touch with us and take our product specialist through your business requirements. We will then send you our API documentation and a list of available commerce plugins.
2. Implementation.
While you add the Wallettec APIs to your system, our team will create your account on the Wallettec admin portal and provide you with a test account.
3. Testing
Once all the integration has been done and setup completed we will start the integration testing to ensure all quality standards are met.
4. Launch.
Testing completed you are ready to start processing transactions via Wallettec.

From Java APIs to Wordpress plugins, we have what you need to make Wallettec part of your system.

Wallettec is making mobile payment easy!!


This is Our advisors This is Our Family

Wallettec believes in learning from the leaders in the industry, learning from the best in their field.

Mark Chirnside Mark Chirnside

Mark Chirnside

CEO at ThisIsMe.com

Mark have successfully launched and exited a few tech startups as well as headed up Naspers' Payments Division, which has allowed him to find a good balance between the startup world and the corporate world. Mark was the CEO of Ukash where he took the company from start to initial profitability. Professional experience in the Mobile Commerce market delivering on introduction by Deutsche Bank to paybox their mobile solution as Operational Director or Country Manager in UK, USA, Spain, Sweden and Austria.

Andre de Wet Andre de Wet

George Loate

Specialist in micro-payments and Financial Inclusion.

George entered the ICT industry as an entrepreneur when he started a low cost PC business during the Y2K timeframe. Subsequently he was part of successful sales teams at various major companies in the industry. Most notable of these was his role in leading the Public Sector Business Development team at Business Connexion (Pty) Limited (BCX).
He went on to manage international OEM relationships for BCX, as the Managing Executive of Persetel Q Vector. As an entrepreneur he has carved a niche in the payments space, wherein he represents several international organisations that operate in the micro-payments space.

Neil Hinrichsen Neil Hinrichsen

Neil Hinrichsen

Business Advisor

Neil’s company Realtime was started in a converted warehouse and grew slowly, eventually being bought by Datatec in 1997; Fundamo, a mobile payments service that he co-founded in 1999, exploded from a good idea to a global business in just a few months with the backing of some large investors during the dot-com boom.

Marc Roberts Marc Roberts

Marc Roberts

President of Operations Platinum Payment Systems

Marc is an American politician and a Republican member of the Utah House of Representatives. Marc currently work as the President of Operations for Platinum Payment Systems in Spanish Fork Utah, an electronic payments solutions provider.

" Learn from yesterday, live for today, hope for tomorrow.
The important thing is not to stop questioning "

Albert Einstein

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